Joining RAHA

Our member families practice child-led learning and unschooling, learning with little or no curriculum. This is distinctly different from replicating the school experience at home.

People become members of RAHA for many reasons. Most people consider it a place to connect with like-minded families, enjoying our events throughout the year.

Some people have found RAHA helpful when they have needed child-led homeschooling advice.

Some people just like to know that RAHA has their back if they run into any homeschooling trouble.

Contact Us

If you have questions about RAHA or wish to join our group you can fill out this form. A RAHA volunteer will contact you within a week to have a conversation. During the conversation you will both decide if RAHA is a good fit. If so, we will let you know how to register.

Contact Us


Our group is membership based.  Dues are on a sliding scale from $10-$25 per year.