Find a support group

resourcesThere are three large, not specifically religious, homeschool groups in Rochester:

Our group is the Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association (RAHA).  We are primarily for families who want to practice child-led learning & un-schooling.  Our mission statement is:
 RAHA is a community of families dedicated to supporting one another in our common commitment to learning without schooling. Our membership gathers together for philosophical rather than religious reasons and therefore welcomes families of all backgrounds who share our vision. We are deeply devoted to our children and believe that their growth is best fostered in a child-led, rather than curriculum-driven, learning environment that is centered in the home and reaches out to explore the world around us.
RAHA has a private Yahoo email loop and a private Facebook page.  Members receive a membership list with adresses and kids ages for networking, as well as a monthly newsletter.


We also have monthly meetings.  Children are welcome at (and usually come to) the meetings.  The meetings are topic focused for the adults (paperwork, getting into college, early years etc.) and playtime for the children.  There is a paperwork book that comes to the meetings with samples of paperwork that has been submitted to and accepted by various school districts.  This is available for members to review to help figure out what to put in your own school paperwork.  There is a lending library of books and other materials.  RAHA also has a moms meeting usually held on the 4th Thursday of the month from 7-10pm (no kids except little babies).

Our group is membership based.  Dues are sliding scale (you decide) from $10-$25 per year.

There are two other not specifically religious homeschool resources, and they list some different homeschool activities than RAHA (although many activities are cross-listed).  These have get togethers, and classes and activities are posted.  They are not membership based (no fee) and can be joined by contacting the group leader:

There are lots of smaller groups that form and dissolve.

If you feel as though RAHA is a good fit and would like to speak to someone to join click here.